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Michael Cooney


PO Box 278

Friendship, ME 04547 USA

Michael Cooney RECORDINGS

It’s taking me some time to get the selling of recordings directly from this website (using PayPal) working. In the meantime, if you’d like to buy a CD, you’ll have to send me a check. (My address is right over there.) $15 per CD plus a dollar or two for postage, mailer, etc. (Postage is over $2 now).

I don’t have many recordings because I’ve always disliked the process of making ‘em. I just like to play music for people. In order to avoid the stigma of Commercial Success, I’ve always learned too many songs and, consequently, made lots of mistakes. Recorders memorize your every mistake and replay them over and over; people don’t notice most “live” mistakes and forgive you if you make ‘em.

I was TRYING to extract some songs to put here from 30-some DAT (Digital Audio Tape) “live concert” recordings I made about 20 years ago but my DAT machine ATE tapes; I bought another on eBay and transferred about five tapes before IT started eating tapes too. A friend sez the problem is complicated by the fact that all the GOOD DAT recorders have been sold and resold and now they are all too old.

Singer of Old Songs
Together Again
The Cheese Stands Alone


1. My “newest” (and only all new) CD is "Together Again", released in 2002.

2. Front Hall Records put all but six of the songs from my two LPs on their label, "Singer of Old Songs" (1975) and "Still Cooney After All These Years" (1979), onto one CD, "Singer of Old Songs". (I now “own” it and have new copies on my own label.)

3. My first LP, "The Cheese Stands Alone" (1968) has some good songs for kids.

4. My last LP, "Pure Unsweetened -- Live Family Concert" is out of print but I can send you a home-made CD copy of it -- it's not pretty in a commercial way, but the music's there. (No PayPal button for it yet. I’ll be working on that; if you’re desperate, send me a check and your address.)

I’ll put more about these recordings, song lists, notes, etc. soon.

Monday, March 17: It looks like the PayPal thing (below) is working; I’ve already received a couple of orders, both for “The Cheese Stands Alone”. It has been a year since Bill Spence helped me set up the PayPal buttons and I was waiting for his visit this summer to finish the job, because I don’t remember how we did it... I hope the other buttons are working; need to add one for “Pure Unsweetened”.